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Marketing With Graham

I built this website to offer four main things:

  • Affordable, quality shared hosting
  • Affordable affiliate marketing products
  • Ways to earn money through my portfolio sites
  • A newsletter you can ask to join through the contact page that will offer bonuses

There are no fancy gimmicks, popups, advertising, etc. When you click on the Order Now button for an affiliate marketing product, you will be taken straight to the vendor’s sales page. You do not have to fill out an opt-in form and are not added to any autoresponder of mine.

If you wish to be added to my newsletter, simply contact me and let me know. You can opt-out at any time. But I will be letting you know about new products and will be giving you links to bonuses that can help you in your marketing.

I am retired, so I am not looking to become a millionaire. My aim is to help you get started in affiliate marketing, by giving you access to products and websites without the hassle and B.S. that is often associated with the affiliate marketing industry.

I do make commissions on most of the products I offer, but I don’t get your details and you won’t be pestered by me to purchase upgrades or other products. If you like a product you ordered, please leave a comment for others to see.

Obviously you know my name from the site domain. I live in Perth, Western Australia and have been involved with internet marketing in one form or another for over 20 years. I have seen and bought some good products, but have also bought some rubbish – some being very expensive.

The products I offer are ones that I feel are useful and affordable. I don’t list rubbish products, because it wastes your time and mine. I’m very aware of the “Shiny Object Syndrome” and choose my products carefully.

Feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook to follow my posts and interact with me. That way you will get to know, like and trust me, which is very important in this industry.