What This Site is About

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So what’s this site all about? That’s a fair question and hopefully I can answer it in a few short paragraphs. Basically, it is my sales hub. From here, you find links to my other sites and reviews of products I’m promoting.

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Clickly Traffic Tracker

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Knowing where your traffic is coming from is important, otherwise you are flying blind. Clickly is a cloud-based app that allows you to create short URLs for all your links and monitor the hits. You can use split testing, geo-targeting, retargeting pixels and even password protect a link.

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Viral Dashboard Commercial

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Drive UNLIMITED free traffic to your eCom stores, video platforms & blog channels from ALL social media channels using a single dashboard. Social media is undeniably the most important part of any marketing strategy for every business today. It doesn’t matter what service or product businesses are selling… they need Leads, Traffic And Sales.

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The Super Shakedown

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John Newman and Cynthia Benitez paid their mentor to show them how to become super affiliates. Now they share the system with you. They wasted over 10 years spinning their wheels & jumping from one method to the next. Today they’re each bringing in $10K a month and growing fast.

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Postley Commercial Platinum

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This Incredible 20-in-1 Mother Of All Apps drives unlimited traffic 24/7 using the world’s most complete Facebook and Instagram traffic software. Build email lists, sell affiliate and digital products, make more eCom sales – WITHOUT FAIL. Newbie friendly. Cloud based. No monthly fees.

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Essential Emails Training Course

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It’s your No.1 important priority, but nearly all Marketers get it wrong! Transform your Emails and Transform your results! Email Marketing Results driving you mad? You need to stop doing the same things but expecting to get different results. It’s time to turn things around.

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Klipse Video Hosting Service

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Nothing is more annoying than your promotional videos displaying ads from other sites, which is what happens with YouTube. Kilpse allows you to host your videos on an ad-free account. You can embed your videos on your website or share them on social media.

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Interactive VideoMatic

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VideoMatic takes your videos to the next level by adding interactive elements such as; CTA buttons, Opt-in forms, Quizzes and Polls and Video-in-Video. Share your videos from the cloud based platform or get the embed code to use on your own website. For a limited time, get grandfathered access at a super-low, one-time price of $39. 

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Affiliate Bargains Club

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As I have said, this site acts as my central hub for my marketing sites. One of those is the Affiliate Bargains Club, which gives newbies access to free or very low cost products they can use to build their inventory. The products offered are usually the same ones you would buy through Warrior Plus or JVZoo, but are offered for free or as low as $5. I also add products I have sourced, such as courses, software or WordPress plugins. The annual membership is $37.

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Mayday Payday by Dawud Islam

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I thought I’d start my list of products off with a bang. Mayday Payday is the most comprehensive and value packed product released at the beginning of 2021. You are really going to get a bargain that you can not only use yourself, but resell and give away some of the included programs.

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Website Hosting


Although I don’t actively promote web hosting, I do offer it to customers who ask for it. Simply use the Contact form if you would like to buy hosting from me.

The hosting uses cPanel, the industry standard for quality management panels. The server is fast, reliable and has ample power to handle any CMS that is designed to run on shared hosting, such as WordPress. The Data Centre is in Singapore, which means sites will load quickly from any country.

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