Mayday Payday by Dawud Islam

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I thought I’d start my list of products off with a bang. Mayday Payday is the most comprehensive and value packed product released at the beginning of 2021. You are really going to get a bargain that you can not only use yourself, but resell and give away some of the included programs.

Mayday Payday

Created by Dawud Islam and James Kennedy from Scotland, you are getting 9 products for the price of 1, with multiple products within them. Dawud is one of the top 5% of vendors at Warrior Plus, but remains a humble person who is dedicated to helping struggling newbies get started in affiliate marketing.

In this video, he explains the complexity and costs of creating your own product and how Mayday Payday is going to give you a tremendous headstart and advantage.

The product is no longer in the launch period, but is still available at a very low price of $19.99, which is phenomenal for what you’re getting. You not only get resell rights to his 8 products, but to Mayday Pay itself. I have never known a vendor to do this before and saves you a lot of money. You are getting the resell rights to:

  1. Mayday Payday
  2. Affiliate Marketing Magic
  3. Fast Income Fixes
  4. Destiny 2021
  5. Second Wave
  6. Total Traffic
  7. Meerkat Money
  8. Brown Bear Bargains
  9. Rhino Results

Within these, you will find resell rights and giveaway rights to many other of his products:

  • Meerkat Money gives you 100% reseller rights to 20 additional products.
  • Brown Bear Bargains gives you giveaway rights to 25 products.
  • Rhino Results pro upgrade at a $17 downsell gives you pro versions of 9 other products.

I keep finding little gems within the products, with extra bonuses and free versions of products from other vendors. You have enough material to keep you busy for many months. If you’re just starting out and need products to sell for 100% commission or to simply give away as bonuses, then you’re not going to find a better deal than Mayday Payday!

You can pick this up for 20 USD. Simply fill out the form below to get access to the purchase page. If you proceed with the purchase, you will be granted free, lifetime access to my bonuses at Affiliate Bargains club.

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