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As I have said, this site acts as my central hub for my marketing sites. One of those is the Affiliate Bargains Club, which gives newbies access to free or very low cost products they can use to build their inventory. The products offered are usually the same ones you would buy through Warrior Plus or JVZoo, but are offered for free or as low as $5. I also add products I have sourced, such as courses, software or WordPress plugins. The annual membership is $37.

But, if you purchase any of my products from this site, you will get free, lifetime access to the Affiliate Bargains Club.

affiliate bargains club

There are several hurdles affiliate marketers face, such as getting traffic and converting them to leads and then buyers. Then they have to have a means of promoting their products, ideally through their own website. But one of the hardest problems is finding products to sell as their own.

When you’re just starting out, it is almost impossible to get vendor approval to promote their products. Until you have an established record as a successful marketer, they don’t want to know you. So, you need your own products to begin creating an online reputation.

Buying the resell rights to products you purchase yourself is an expensive exercise. However, I have access to products that either have guaranteed vendor approval or are easy to get approval for. Many include resell rights.

Some of the products cannot be resold and are for your personal use only. While they don’t help you build your inventory, they are designed to be used as tools to help you learn about affiliate marketing. Most of these will be free for members, saving you hundreds of dollars if you had to buy them from vendors.

If you bought a product for $5 that normally sells for $47, then you have saved $42 and recouped the cost of your annual membership instantly. The more cheap or free items you get by being a member, the greater the benefit of being a member for that year. You can cancel your membership at any time.

I am constantly adding more products to the list and while the site is new right now, the list will become quite large during 2021 and 2022. Visitors and non-members who go to the site will see an excerpt of posts promoting an offer, but cannot read the entire post. Only people who have paid the membership fee can read the full post and get the download link.

If you are looking for products to resell, or need training products for yourself, I highly recommended you sign up for at least one year. You can visit the site here.

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