Essential Emails Training Course

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It’s your No.1 important priority, but nearly all Marketers get it wrong! Transform your Emails and Transform your results! Email Marketing Results driving you mad? You need to stop doing the same things but expecting to get different results. It’s time to turn things around.

Low OPEN rates, NO click throughs, and NO SALES? Or are your emails simply not even making it to the INBOX at all?

Wondering why the Email Swipes people give you just never seem to convert like they do for other people? However much you analyze it, NOTHING seems to work! You need a training course.


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As a published author and journalist Dawud Islam knows what makes a good email.

But too many of the emails that land in his Inbox these days, and many of them don’t even make it that far, are either poorly written or just copies of emails that he has already read.

Sending Emails is the single most important thing that we do as part of our daily marketing activity, but far too many people treat the content simply as an afterthought.

When Emails don’t convert people will blame the product, the vendor, the pricing, their list or even the Gmail algorithm. But one thing they never consider is the Emails themselves.

However, with a few small tweaks and steps you can ensure that your Emails ALWAYS land in the Inboxes of your subscribers.

Better than that, they will open them and read them, massively improving your chances of getting a sale.

Email marketing is the activity that will make or break your online results – resolve to finally start doing it the right way with ESSENTIAL EMAILS.

TRANSFORM your Email results​
ALWAYS reach the Inbox!
TREBLE your open rates
REDUCE unsubscribes to tiny levels
ENGAGE and inform your lists
Full video training provided
Includes list building training….

You will also get resell rights and giveaway rights to many other of his products:

  • Meerkat Money gives you 100% reseller rights to 20 additional products.
  • Brown Bear Bargains gives you giveaway rights to 25 products.
  • Rhino Results pro upgrade at a $17 downsell gives you pro versions of 9 other products.

Currently, you can pick this up for under 20 USD. To get your copy, simply fill out the form below. If you proceed with the purchase, you will be granted free, lifetime access to my bonuses at Affiliate Bargains club.

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