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Knowing where your traffic is coming from is important, otherwise you are flying blind. Clickly is a cloud-based app that allows you to create short URLs for all your links and monitor the hits. You can use split testing, geo-targeting, retargeting pixels and even password protect a link.

The screenshots in this post have been cropped to only show the particular area being discussed. This first one is what you would see in your dashboard:

clickly dashboard

I have set up two campaigns. The blue number shows the number of hits and the green one the number of hits from the same person. Clicking on them will open the stats page. You can also see the tabs to manage your campaigns. Let’s look at how we set up a campaign:

clickly campaign

The heart of Clickly is creating a short URL. You can make as many as you want, with each one being a separate campaign. For this campaign, I would use in my promotions, instead of the long URL

If I wanted to, I could also set up split testing:

clickly split test

You can add up to three alternate URLs. The short link would then rotate through each one, allowing you to see which one gets you the best results. Next you set up your tracking:

clickly tracking

Here you would put your Facebook Pixel, Google analytics or any other code you have for retargeting. While this step is optional, retargeting is not only powerful, but will give you more information in the stats page.

The final option here is to add password protection for your link:

set password

This option could be used for protected content for example, where you have only sent the link and password to certain people. You can set your background image from the included library, or upload your own. In this example, I have chosen a simple black and white one from the library:

clickly password access

Another facility Clickly offers is geo-targeting:

clickly geo

Here I have redirected the traffic from the UK to my contact form. You can add multiple redirects for different countries within a campaign. It is up to your imagination what you would use this for.

The final screenshot shows the top half of the stats page:

clickly stats

The map gives you an overview of where your traffic has come from. The box on the right shows the breakdown of hits and which country had the most number. If you set up retargeting, then scrolling down the page would give you more detailed information about where your traffic hits were generated.

Clickly is a powerful and flexible traffic tracker and enables you to see traffic to all your sites and links in one place. It certainly beats installing trackers on every site or having to go into cPanel to see your visitors.

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