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A1Flip.Com offers over 1,000 premium .com domains and is constantly updated with new ones as they become available. Using the search box, you can enter key words or characters to narrow down the results to find a name that would suit your business. All domains are available for immediate purchase. Simply make an offer and I will get back to you.

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Finding .com domains is a frustrating job, because the most useful ones are usually already taken. While there are plenty of other extensions you can use, .com is the King and what most people expect you to be using. The exception would be when you are using a country specific name such as .com.au

A1Flip.Com allows you to quickly check whether a domain to suit your current or planned business is available. If it is, you can make an offer, based on the recommended price shown on the site. You can see the domains in a table as shown here:

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By default, the table lists 50 entries, but you can choose 10, 25, 50 or 100 per page. The columns can be sorted alphabetically or by price. By putting key words or characters into the Search box, you can display only the names that contain what you’re looking for.

a1flip mobileWith mobile devices, the table switches to a responsive layout. Simply tap on a name to see the Fair Market Value and the Make Offer button, as shown here.

Because all the domains are loaded at once when viewing the site, regardless of how many entries you select to view, it takes quite a while for the table to load on mobiles.

There is also a delay before the table switches to the responsive layout, so it is best to visit the site on a computer or laptop instead.

Nevertheless, the objective of making an offer works on any device. Once you place an offer, it will come through to me and I will contact you.

I may accept your offer or suggest a compromise. Once we reach agreement, I will send you a “Buy Now” link.

The domains are registered at Epik.com and instantly become yours once you create an account there. You also get free Whois protection.

You can transfer your domain to your own registrar if you prefer, after 60 days. This is the normal waiting period for any domain registrar, not just Epik.

Obviously, it is much cheaper to find your own domain by yourself and register it at your own registrar, but the benefit of A1Flip is you can check over 1,000 domain names in minutes or even seconds.

The site is simply a service and is free to use. Even if you can’t find a name that suits you, it may come up with ones that will give you ideas to try yourself.

Visit A1 Flip now and see what’s available. Check back often, because new names are added on a regular basis, and you never know when you’ll find an ideal one for you.

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