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Second only to traffic, every entrepreneur needs leads. But getting them can be a costly or time consuming process. Team Build Club is free to join and you get 200 leads as a thank you. Upgrade to a Basic member and get 200 more. Plus there is a powerful commission plan.


Having access to 200 leads for free is nothing to scoff at, especially when those leads are club members who expect to be contacted. Upgrade to a Basic member for 25 Euros and you will get 200 more leads from paid members, who have a vested interest in the club.

But it’s not just about leads. There is training available in your dashboard and a very powerful commission plan that runs 10 levels deep. You could potentially earn a lot of money from people who sign up under you and then upgrade to one of the paid packages.


Free members earn 10% commission when one of their level one members upgrades to one of the five paid plans. If you are a Basic member, you will earn 20% instead.

An example would be one of your direct referrals upgrades to the Diamond package. As a free member, you would earn 10% of the 500 Euros the member paid. 50 Euros for no outlay on your part is a no brainer.

If you become a Basic member, you would hare earned 100 Euros, four times your outlay. That’s a very good deal. You can earn one-time commissions from all 10 levels, decreasing in size as the levels become lower.

But you could potentially have thousands of members across your 9 lower levels, all brought in by members under you and involving no work on your part.

Understanding how commissions work is a bit complicated at first, so I have created a site here that explains it in detail. If you sign up under me, you also get access to my private Facebook group to discuss issues and share ideas.

I thoroughly recommend Team Build Club, both for the leads and commissions. Visit my site, read up on how it works, and sign up under me. I look forward to working with you.

2 thoughts on “Team Build Club”

  1. Hi Graham,
    Yes Team Build club is useful as I got leads for free then upgraded and got more. It helps a lot plus other help available in terms of business, not talking about the commissions.

    • Hi Erica,
      Yes, getting 200 leads for free is great. Then, if you upgrade to Basic, you get 200 more.
      For 25 Euros, you are getting a good bargain.
      And you get access to the training as a Basic member.
      The commissions are a bonus and will grow over time.


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