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The Walker Way provides over 9 hours of videos, explaining how you can use your Facebook profile page to generate free, organic leads. Once purchased, you can forget about paying for leads and master the process of using Messenger to close sales.

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Advertising is a necessary evil. Without it, you get no leads – and therefore no sales. But every dollar you spend on ads, is eating into your profits. Google ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads and the like can become quite expensive over time.

If you go down the Solo ads road, you can spend a very large amount in a short time and with no guaranteed results. What if there was a way you could stop paying for ads altogether, but still get leads?

This is what David Walker set out to do with The Walker Way. The principle is simple, you use your Facebook profile to attract leads. But knowing how to do it successfully is an art.

David’s videos explain every aspect of using Facebook to get free, organic leads. He details what sort of posts to make and how to move the conversation to Messenger, which is where you interact one-on-one with potential customers.

There is a right way and lots of wrong ways to use your profile as a lead generator. Do it wrong, and not only will it not work, but you could end up getting your account shut down. Trying to figure it all out yourself is probably not going to be successful.

While you may not have many friends in your account at the moment, David shows you where to find new ones that are likely to be interested in what you are offering. In fact, it may be better to create an entirely new profile, that doesn’t include your family and friends.

The program costs $297, which falls into the mid-ticket price range. But you need to see that price as an investment. You will no longer need to spend money on paid ads, so the cost of the program can be recouped quite quickly.

Never having to pay for ads ever again takes a huge load off your shoulders. You will enter an entirely new world of advertising, one that is actually enjoyable, instead of just being a bottomless pit of wasted money.

I have made a website dedicated to The Walker Way at walkermethod.com where you can see what videos he offers. The purchase link is at the bottom of the Pricing page. I encourage you to take a look at the website and see the value for money you are getting. Courses like David’s very often sell for $497 to $2,000.

You also get access to his private Facebook groups, where you can ask questions and watch prerecorded videos. David and the other group members are always there to help you if you get stuck. You are not left to figure everything out for yourself.

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