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With the growth in technology, and the constant reduction in human attention span, there’s no doubt that human sounds are the most critical conversion tools for 2022 and beyond…
There’s nothing more distracting and time wasting than watching a video that sounds like a robot or computer-based sound.

You may have the best video content or the most engaging story to tell your audience, but when you present it with a robotic voice over, it not only annoys your audience beyond limit, but also takes them AWAY from your business FOREVER…

Introducing VoiceMate



  • Brand New A.I Based Text To Speech Software
  • Instantly Convert Any Text Into 100% Human Like Sound
  • Choose From 400+ Different Voices & 65 Languages
  • Kick Out Expensive & Money Sucking Freelancers Forever
  • Boost Trust, Customer Engagement & Profits Hands Down

Live Example

Both the volume and speed can be set and one second pauses can be added. The file can then be downloaded as an MP3.

This screenshot gives you an idea of how to use the settings:


As with any TTS software, you will need to edit some words for it to sound right and add commas to cause a slight pause. As you can see, I have chosen an Australian accent for my setting and the Male B voice. I have also chosen the AI engine, as it is far superior to the standard version. I have left the volume as default, but slowed the speech down to Medium. You can listen to the result in the player below.


This software is free as my Christmas present for 2021. To get your copy, simply fill out the form below:

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