Why read when you can listen?

About this Blog

Having been an old age pensioner now for a couple of years, I thought it would be an idea to start a blog with topics based on a lifetime of experience. As the picture so perfectly portrays, the road ahead is foggy and uncertain and I am not the young man I used to be.

It is not going to be a blog about me drowning in self pity, but anyone who has reached this time in their life does have a wealth of experiences, both good and bad. Life is not easy and the pressures of today’s fast moving, technology-driven world do not help.

We all have our crosses to bear in life. We don’t get to choose the cards we are dealt with, only how we play them. For me, I got the anxiety card, which has shaped my life since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Consequently, I tried to hide my anxiety from the world, and it has only been in the last few years that I have come to accept the fact it will always be with me.

But I also have much to be grateful for. I am still physically quite well, I own my home, have had the same wife for 47 years and have two adult sons. I also spent 20 years in the Australian Air Force as an avionics technician, which was where my talent and interest had always been – with electronics. You are very lucky if your job is also your hobby!!

My background in electronics served me well as the age of personal computers dawned in the 1980’s and allowed me to keep up with technology and venture into programming and web design. Nowadays, we repair very little when it comes to electronics, and most things have become throwaway items. You can’t repair them yourself, even if you could get the parts, which you usually can’t. So my time is spent in front of a computer screen.

If I thought the world of electronics was developing at an ever-increasing pace, it pales into insignificance when it comes to computing and mobile devices. The fact I get daily software updates shows how quickly things can change. Software programs and even internet companies appear and disappear overnight. You just get used to how something works and they either change it or it gets shut down.

You will find this blog does not use fancy tricks – apart from being able to listen to it!! It is setup to look very basic and function very simply. It is harder to keep something simple than it is to give into temptation and fill it full of gimmicks. A blog is an online journal, it is simply a series of page entries with a table of contents. There is no need to add anything extra.

The blog is primarily a place for me to put my thoughts down in writing. If you find any entries interesting, then that’s an added bonus. Feel free to comment on anything I write. Feedback is always great to have and helps to keep the motivation going. If I had a dollar for every blog I’ve started and dumped, I’d be a rich man!!