Adding a Top Bar

top bar

The Top Bar is a great way to display information about your site for customers or visitors and is shown on every page by default. Unlike the Header Image, it can contain clickable hyperlinks, as I have done for Facebook and Twitter (X). It is created using a widget.

Widget Locations

widget locationsGeneratePress gives you 10 widget locations. Normally, the basic installation is configured to have no widgets on all pages except the blog page, which uses the Right Sidebar. Once you open a blog post, the sidebar disappears again.

But you also have a Left Sidebar, Header, 5 Footer Widgets, Footer Bar and the Top Bar.

In addition, there are 17 widgets that you can use in any combination in any of the widget locations. As you add plugins, extra widgets may become available.

So, you have many ways to display content, in a variety of forms. It’s tempting to plaster widgets all over the place, but it can be overwhelming for visitors.

They also pose a problem on mobile devices, because widgets will often get pushed below your page content and will not be seen until visitors scroll to the end of your page. It is best to use them in moderation.

Creating the Top Bar

top bar textTo make your Top Bar, go to Appearance>Widgets and drag the “Text Widget” onto the “Top Bar” widget location, as you can see here.

Open the Text drop-down and you will see you have a mini editor. There is no need to add a title. I used the “Custom HTML” widget, because it gives me more control of the content, but the Text widget is quite fine to use.

The editor has the bold feature, the ability to add media and a link generator to hyperlink any images.

This is basically all you need to create content the same as mine. Once you’re happy with how everything looks, click on “Save” and the Top Bar will automatically appear above the header image on every page.

If you need to fine tune anything, you can always switch from Visual to Text mode in the editor.

Next we will look at using Footer Widgets, which may be an alternative you prefer over using a Top Bar.