The Madness of Mega Deals


When affiliates promote their products, especially on YouTube, they try to outdo each other with bonuses in an attempt to get you to buy from them. Often, the bonuses are worth far more than the actual product.

This is called “Launch Jacking”.

While I can understand why they do it, all you usually end up with, is a ton of stuff that will sit on your hard drive and never get used. It’s a game you cannot win, especially as a new marketer. Super affiliates have access to resources you don’t.

There is no doubt that competition is fierce, especially when a new product first launches. It’s a “Dog eat dog” market and everyone is trying to be the top dog. If you try to beat the big dogs, you will never win.

You will also find most affiliates will only offer their bonuses for a few days. So, you go to YouTube a week later, watch their promotion and when you go to their landing page – the bonuses have expired.

I refuse to play this game and do not offer bonuses with my promotions. Occasionally, I will, but not normally. Either you want my product or you don’t. I am not going to bribe you with bonuses.

But that doesn’t mean you get no benefit from following me. I have a membership site at Affiliate Bargains Club, where you can get free or very low cost products, if and when you want them.

If you purchase any product from me, I will create an account there for you and you will get free, lifetime access to all my bonuses.

If you would like access to the bonuses without any purchase, the annual fee is $37 and one free product that normally sells for $47, for instance, will enable you to recoup your fee for that year instantly.

More and more products will be added to that site and you will be able to save yourself hundreds of dollars. That site enables me to give you real value and negates the need to include bonuses with products on this site.

New marketers are usually taught that using YouTube to promote their affiliate offers is the cheapest and easiest way to get sales. It is called “Launch Jacking” and has created this situation of mega deals madness. Buyers search for the offer with the best bonuses and choose that one, purely for that reason. It is not a level playing field.

So, that’s why you won’t see extra bonuses with my products. It makes much more sense to join the Affiliate Bargains Club, where you can get products you actually want and that you find useful, without any high pressure sales techniques or countdown timers.