Clickly Link Tracker

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If you aren’t tracking your links, you’re flying blind. You need to know how many clicks your marketing messages get, so you can understand what your audience reacts well to, and act accordingly.

Clickly provides all the tracking you need to make the right decisions for your business. Clickly makes sure that isn’t a problem, and you are always informed on how your marketing is performing.

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Viral Dashboard

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Drive unlimited free traffic to your eCom stores, video platforms and blogs from all social media channels, using a single dashboard.

Businesses that have invested more resources into social media management have seen incredible results. Brands are quickly understanding the importance of creating a strong media presence.

The proof lies in the reduction of their mainstream media advertising budgets and an increase in social media influencer collaborations.

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Mayday Payday

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Released by Dawud Islam, Mayday Payday gives you resell rights to 8 products, plus Mayday Payday itself. Furthermore, Meerkat Money gives you resell rights to 20 other products and Brown Bear Bargains gives you front end access to another 24 products.

All these are included for the one-time price of $19.99 and enables you to start your marketing business with your own products, without having to approach vendors to beg for approval.

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