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If you aren’t tracking your links, you’re flying blind. You need to know how many clicks your marketing messages get, so you can understand what your audience reacts well to, and act accordingly.

Clickly provides all the tracking you need to make the right decisions for your business. Clickly makes sure that isn’t a problem, and you are always informed on how your marketing is performing.

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You can see where your link clicks have been coming from, number of total and unique hits and more from the one screen.

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The first step is to create a campaign, add your target URL and generate your Clickly short URL:


Next, choose if you want to enable split testing. If you turn it on, you can add more URL’s and Clickly will evenly distribute your traffic to each URL, so you can see which marketing page gets you the best results:


Next, choose if you want to set up retargeting. Retargeting is huge. With most click trackers, they send your traffic where you want it to go and nothing else. Clickly will redirect your traffic, but before it does, it captures that click and drops your retargeting code, building your Facebook custom audience:


Lastly, choose whether to set up password protection. If you want to send traffic to a secure URL that is protected, you can add a password gateway that they must pass through. If they don’t have the password, the redirect stops:


In my example, I have chosen an image from the built-in library, set the password box colour to white and set the password to 12345678. Click on the image below, enter the password, and you will be taken to my portfolio page that I set up as my link in step one.


You can create as many campaigns as you like and track them all from one central Clickly dashboard. You no longer need to use 3 different apps to track links, split test and pixel people for retargeting. Now you can do it all from Clickly. It’s a huge timesaver.

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