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The Affiliate Bargains Club

affiliate bargains club

This site is a membership one, where the annual fee is $37. Members can download files such as courses and gain access to affiliate programs for free or very low cost, often as low as $5. The aim of the site is to enable people new to online marketing to build their inventory at the least possible price.

One purchase of a program that normally costs $47 for instance, will enable you to recoup your membership fee for that year instantly.

Marketer’s Place

marketers place

This site is a more complicated one than this one and was made before I created my current site. One of the main benefits is it has a forum where marketers can share ideas and also get access to special offers. It also uses a chatbot when customers place their orders.

ClickBank Shop


ClickBank has around 10,000 products for sale at any one time, but trying to find them as a retail buyer is a very difficult process. ClickBank is really designed to connect affiliates with vendors, not as a retail store.

This site uses a paid feed service to display all available products in the one place. There are three menu tabs; Featured Items, Trending Items and Top Rated Items. There is a search box and list of categories in a left sidebar, which is the same on all three pages. So, you can find products no matter which page you’re on. You get a brief overview, the price and a link to the product.

Courserious Reseller


courseriousThis site,, is a reseller site for the Courserious online academy platform. For a one-time fee of $97, you get the ability to host unlimited academies and unlimited courses.

When compared to the cost of mainstream academy sites, your one-time fee can be recouped in no time. You get to keep 100% of your student fees and there is no revenue sharing with a third-party.

You are also free to run any course you like, without needing approval from a parent hosting platform. Courserious is all about freedom to run your courses how you see fit. If you have ever thought about running your own course or courses, this could be just what you’ve been looking for.

You may be surprised to find you have knowledge about a particular topic that people are prepared to pay to learn. Often, we don’t realize we have something people want to know and have just never thought about sharing that information.

A1 Flip

a1flip logo

This site is about flipping domains, which means I buy a domain at Namecheap and then try to sell it for $129. I create a one page website for each domain that shows the appraised value for that domain and shows Google search results as a graph.

People can then click on a link and instantly buy the domain at Namecheap Marketplace. I specialize in .com domains, because they are the most sought after and can be used in any country.