Versatile Free Theme

The free theme I am offering is an enhanced version of an earlier, block-free release of GeneratePress. it has been set to version 9.9.9 so it will not nag for an update and acts as the parent theme. Apart from a couple of minor changes there, all the extra functions and features have been added to the child theme. That is where you would make any changes to suit your site.

You can download a zip file, which contains everything you need from my site. You need to unzip the file and read the installation instructions inside.

Out-of-the-box Theme

disable top headerThe page you are on now, is how the child theme will look out of the box. Of course the social sharing buttons at the bottom of the page will not be there, as they come from a plugin.

You will notice the Top Bar and Site Logo are not shown, as they are added by you, if you need them. Other pages under the Theme menu link will explain how to do that.

Being able to remove them on this page, is done through a plugin from the makers of GeneratePress called Simple CSS. It gives you the box shown here in the editor, so it will appear for every post and page.

It is a very powerful plugin, allowing you to customize just the page you’re working on, without having to edit the child theme. As you can see, it was very simple to turn off those elements with basic CSS code.

Centering the Title

disable content titleA feature built into GeneratePress is the ability to disable the page title, which by default is shown on the left, and adding it as H1 text in the editor. This means you can make the title anything you like and centre it if you prefer.

As you can see from the image, a Layout box is shown in the editor and you simply click on Disable Elements and tick the Content Title box.

You can also change the Sidebars, Footer Widgets and Content Container for the page you’re on all from the same box.

This is not only very versatile, but means you don’t have to go into the Customizer or edit the child theme. I also explain how to utilize those features on other pages under the Theme menu link. They are purely optional and you don’t need to change them unless you are doing something out of the ordinary.

Custom Meta Description

Meta descriptions are the block of text describing your page or post that is displayed by search engines. Adding a custom description with GeneratePress is very simple. In the Editor, scroll down until you see the box in this image:

custom meta description

Underneath the Name box, click “Add new”. If the word “description” doesn’t show when you click into the Name box, simply type it in. The Value box is where you type in your meta description for that page. It must not be more than 160 characters long.

If you have a text editor that displays character counts, type it in there first, then copy it into the box. Otherwise, use the example shown as a guide to how long your description should be. Then click on “Add Custom Field” and save your page. That’s all there is to it.